The Coaching Connection – our initial free 45-minute session (via phone) is for introductions, discussing your aspirations and to determine if we have a coaching connection. There are two factors to consider when determining a coaching connection.  First, are you motivated for coaching? There is a distinct difference between therapy and coaching.  In simplest terms, therapy sessions are designed to work through issues in the client’s past.   An effective coaching relationship takes the opposite approach and moves you forward, holding you accountable towards achieving your goals. Second, do we feel a connection to work together in a powerful partnership?  If the pairing feels right, we will have a productive coaching relationship. If we determine the match is not right, I can refer you to other coaches within my network.

The Coaching Agreement – A coaching agreement and time-frame for our engagement will be secured based on initial assessment of the goal and desired outcome discussed. The length of time varies based on needs and preference although a general rule of thumb is to meet every 2 to 3 weeks.  A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended in order to begin to experience the impact of the coaching process.

The Coaching Sessions – Sessions may take place in person in New York City or over the phone.  Each session lasts for 60-90 minutes. Phone sessions allow for greater flexibility. Please be prepared with a headset in the interest of ease and comfort.

With each session I facilitate a purposeful, imaginative, mindful conversation through a 4-Step Framework:  Check-In; Establish Purpose; Facilitate Discovery/Identify Options; Complete the Session with Action Steps.  

For our first session you will be asked to fill-out a Client Profile Form. Self-assessment tests based on your values and personality-type will be administered and explored to deepen your level of self-awareness about your strengths and areas for development. As we work together, I will tailor tools, models and research appropriate to your goal.  When appropriate, we will co-actively build Developmental Action Plans to further reinforce and guide you towards your goal.

Between sessions, the work continues for both of us.  I will research and share with you relevant articles and information. You will be asked to follow agreed upon action steps and occasionally work on meaningful homework, all designed with the intention to help you move further towards achieving your goal.

The Impact of Coaching Sessions – The greatest impact of the coaching session actually takes place in the time between each session.  This period of positive transition is when you will notice your mindset starting to change and will sense a shift occurring in your overall self-awareness and behavior patterns.   Ultimately this period of positive transition leads to your desired transformation.

The Coaching Model – The overall coaching model I apply towards engagements is based on the GROW model because as a performance-based model, it keeps the focus on the goal you are motivated to achieve.Coaching Process 1038x576READY? LET’S GET STARTED ON YOUR JOURNEY TO CHANGE.


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